Twilio Programmable

Asset Tracker

A fully equipped off-the-shelf asset tracker device, with customizable firmware & cloud integration. Take control of your asset tracking and deliver solutions that meet your customers’ specific needs.

Twilio Programmable

Asset Tracker

A fully equipped off-the-shelf tracker device and application, with customizable firmware & cloud integration. Take control of your asset tracking and deliver solutions that meet your customers’ needs.

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The first fully customizable asset tracking platform that works out of the box

Your average asset tracker of today is a fixed-functionality, monolithic closed system that is designed to please everyone, but really fits no one. Twilio has partnered with leading tracking device ODMs to combine off-the-shelf hardware with the flexibility of the proven Twilio device and cloud software platform.

Twilio Programmable Asset Tracker includes defined APIs and an open-sourced asset tracking application. The application can be easily customized using a high-level scripting language and then pushed to devices over the air.


For the first time, you have complete control of your business application, without being at the whim of your suppliers – or an expert in embedded systems.

An adaptable application that doesn’t require embedded expertise

Programmable Asset Tracker is built on a scripting language that is easily accessible to your cloud and Web developers. 

  • Either leverage the out-of-the box functionality and parameterize it to your needs, or 

  • Add custom functionality that exactly matches what your business – or your customers – need

  • Deploy updates over the air, whenever needed, without ever running the risk of bricking a device

Twilio Programmable Asset Tracker

Unmatched flexibility at a commodity price point

Full customizability doesn’t have to come at a premium price. Programmable Asset Tracker offers:

  • Reliable, low-cost commodity hardware, available directly from ODM

  • A simple per-device pricing model

  • Cellular data billed by the byte – no overage fees or breakage, ever

Powered by the proven Twilio IoT cloud platform

Our devices are built on Twilio’s proven IoT platforms that tackle the toughest challenges of connecting devices to the internet. 


  • Twilio Electric Imp – tightly integrated hardware, OS, cloud, APIs, and device management capabilities – including failsafe OTA updates – to secure and manage your IoT solution throughout its lifecycle

  • Twilio Super SIM – a single SIM that gives access to 400 global networks, offers automatic failover, and comes with an easy-to-use Web Console as well as powerful APIs for SIM management

Features and Specifications:


Location Capabilities

  • Outdoor location tracking via GNSS & cellular trilateration

  • Indoor location tracking via WiFi/BLE passive signal

  • Multi-source precision location 

  • Seamless transition between indoor and outdoor tracking

  • Theft Recovery Mode / Real-time tracking

  • Customizable tracking modes to optimize battery life


Sophisticated Alerts

  • Instant alerts & alarms

  • Impact, temperature, and tamper alerts

  • Configurable alert thresholds

  • Movement recognition

  • Low battery alert


Power Management

  • Intelligent operation with up to 4 years of battery life 

  • Adaptive, configurable sleep/ report intervals and alerting

  • Shipping/standby mode


Hardware Features

  • LTE Cat-M/2G 

  • BLE, WiFi (scanning)

  • Application coprocessor

  • Tamper sensor

  • Temperature sensor

  • Accelerometer

  • GNSS

  • 3 field replaceable AA batteries, non hazardous material 

  • IP67 enclosure

  • Magnetic, adhesive, or screw mount

  • Optional 128MB storage

Product Specifications

imp006 IoT Module (STM32F423ZHJ6I)

  • Remotely managed STM32F4 microcontroller with lifetime security maintenance

  • Tracking application in a high level scripting language

  • Fail-safe over-the-air updates of tracker OS and application

  • Sophisticated device- and cloud-based end-to-end architecture

  • Powerful fleet management tools that scale to millions of devices



  • Supported constellations: GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, BeiDou

  • Concurrent reception: 3 GNSS

  • Accuracy: to to 2.5m

  • Hot Start: from 1 second

  • Assisted Start: from 3 seconds

  • Cold Start: from 26 seconds 

  • Features: Anti-spoofing, Anti-jam

Additional positioning2:

  • Via cellular, WiFi, and Bluetooth LE multilateration (as available)



  • Technology: LTE Cat-M1, 2G (EGPRS/GSM/EDGE)

  • Bands

    • LTE Cat-M1: B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B8/ B12/B13/B18/B19/B20/ B25/B26/B27/B28/B66/ B85

    • 2G: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz



  • Power Source: 3 L91 (Lithium/Iron Disulfide, Li/FeS2) AA cell form factor

  • Battery Life: up to <TBD> years

  • Configurable low battery warning threshold

  • Avg. Current consumption

    • Standby: 15uA

    • Active: TBD3

    • Tracking: TBD3

    • Connected via Cat-M: TBD3

    • Connected via 2G: TBD3

WiFi/BLE active: TBD3



  • Frequency: 2.4ghz

  • Antenna: Internal

  • Bandwidth 20 MHz & 40 MHz

  • Listen only scan

  • Stand-alone 160Mhz 32-bit WiFi Processor, configurable OTA



  • Accelerometer

    • Alert modes: Free fall & Motion

    • Sensitivity: ≥ 1mg

  • Temperature

    • Accuracy: 1degC




  • Standard: Bluetooth® 5 (LE)

  • Advertising extensions

  • Multiple advertisement se


Physical Characteristics

  • Dimensions:

  • RoHs compliant: TBD


  • Mounting options: 

    • Magnetic

    • Screw attach

    • Adhesive bond

  • Environmental protection: IP67

  • Operating Temperature: -30 to +60℃



1 Theoretical max of the modem and may not be supported by radio reception or cellular tower bandwidth.

2 Positioning accuracy is highly dependent on a number of factors, including operating environment, signal reception, and others

3 Currently evaluating

"Twilio’s programmable asset tracking solution toolkit lets us deliver a unique solution to each of our customers without requiring deep expertise in embedded systems, resulting in a better and more reliable tracking experience.”



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Frequently Asked Questions

What is asset tracking?

A system of hardware, software, and network technologies which used to track and report the location of physical assets (and often their conditions) to a remote server. Asset tracking applications utilize location and sensor data to verify asset location, to improve business operations and efficiency, and deliver better customer experience.

What assets can I track?

With our Programmable Asset Tracker you can track anything to which you attach a tracking device and which travels through areas supporting wireless connectivity, such as cellular. For device physical dimensions and environmental robustness see the device specifications.

Where can I track assets?

Assets can be tracked globally, subject to cellular network coverage, and both outdoors via Satellite based GNSS and indoors via WiFi based locationing. Additional locationing is supported by BLE beaconing. See Twilio Super SIM available networks for list of countries where Twilio’s Programmable Asset Tracker currently has cellular coverage. 

How often do I get the location of my asset?

You are in control of when reporting happens. This can be a fixed period but increasingly is done based on the specific requirements of the use case, for example based on specific motion patterns or shock, change of location (geofencing), environmental parameters such as temperature, or other events. The triggers for reporting are configurable remotely so that the behavior can be adjusted over time. Reporting can be frequent – for example continuous location tracking every five seconds , or  infrequent to preserve battery life – for example, only when a critical event occurs such as theft. Stored device last location and data is available from our servers for a configurable length of time.

How long will my asset tracker battery last?

The Programmable Asset Tracker is optimized for long battery life with low power standby, quick connections and location fixes, rapid return to a low power standby state,adequate battery capacity, and intelligent reporting. The battery life is application dependent (i.e. how often connections happen and how much data is being transferred)  but can be up to several years of operation. The device can detect when its battery is low, warn its owner and elect to change its behavior to preserve its battery.

Can I change the way the asset tracker works?

Yes! The Programmable Asset Tracker is powered by an open source application in a high level scripting language and you can easily change it to suit your needs - this is a unique benefit of the solution. With the push of a button the updated application can then be deployed remotely (over the air) to your devices, groups of devices, or a single device. We also provide pre-built functionality and software support to help you get to a fully optimized solution quickly.

How does my tracker integrate with the cloud and what is the data format?

The reference tracker application uses a pre-defined secure REST API and JSON data model. This can be adapted to your needs - you can change and extend the data model as well as the API integration. We provide pre-built libraries for common cloud platforms such as Azure, Google, AWS, IoT and more or you can integrate the tracker with your custom REST or MQTT APIs.

What is a customizable asset tracker?

A customizable asset tracker is an asset tracker whose software (firmware) and hardware can be modified. Possible modifications go beyond changing parameters of otherwise pre-set software, and instead include the ability to push firmware updates over-the-air, as well as to make hardware modifications.

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