Scale your reach and impact

Serve more people and engage your communities with the power of SMS, WhatsApp, phone calls, and more.
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Our mission is to scale yours.

Extend your reach and make the most impact

Engage with your community through the channels they use – text, voice, email, WhatsApp, video – and provide the info and support they need.
Extend your on-the-ground experience with the scale of digital communication.

Bridge the digital divide while meeting people's preferences

Reach your community members whether they have a smartphone or feature phone, with texts, phone calls, or voice recordings.
Tailor your communications to meet their preferences and past conversations.

Build, learn, and adapt

Innovation requires experimentation.
Test and learn what channels and engagement tactics get you closer to achieving your organization's mission. Experiment, iterate, and build as you go.


Scale responsibly and fuel digital transformation

  • $100 in a one-time product credit to kickstart building on Twilio
  • Discounts exclusive to social impact organizations once you use up your credits
  • Social impact and digital experts to bring your ideas to life
  • Network of implementation partners to build your project and extend your team


No developers? No problem. Our network of global solution integrators offer special pricing and nonprofit expertise to build the digital communications strategy right for your team. 

*Text capacity varies by location


Communicate with purpose

  • Community support: Remind beneficiaries, program participants, constituents, patients, and students of upcoming appointments, offer helplines and chatbots to share resources and support, and prompt your community to take action for your cause.
  • Staff and volunteer coordination: Notify staff of changes on the ground and gather information from the field. Empower specialists to triage inbound calls and prioritize people most at risk and quickly mobilize volunteers in times of crisis.
  • Donor engagement: Personalize messages to donors over email, SMS, and voice based on their interests, measure the reach of your programs to showcase your impact, and easily accept donations over the phone.


Partnering with helps increase your capacity to serve. As the social impact arm of Twilio, we provide digital engagement technology, offer grant funding, and empower our employee volunteers to help over 15,000 nonprofits serve half a billion people a year.


Get in touch with our team to learn how Twilio can support your next digital communications project.

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