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Twilio Silent Network Auth

Secure mobile identity authentication

Secure mobile identity authentication

What if you could silently confirm mobile number possession without interrupting the user flow?


What if you could silently confirm mobile number possession without interrupting the user flow?


Hard tokens, SMS One-time Passwords (OTPs), and other common user authentication methods were not designed as “customer-first.” SMS was not architected initially to act as a possession factor, and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) states that “due to the risk that SMS may be intercepted or redirected,” businesses should consider alternative authentication methods. The newest solution available uses carrier network-based technology to offer strong authentication. Today, carrier network-based user authentication is the latest solution that uses mobile network technology to provide strong authentication for increased security and improved user experiences.  


When you turn on your phone, it automatically connects to your carrier and authenticates your device and SIM. As a user, you didn’t have to do anything. Twilio Silent Network Auth uses this same SIM-based authentication to confirm mobile phone number possession 100% deterministically. 

Improved user experience AND high security

  • Reduce user prompts for seamless possession check

  • Eliminate deliverability errors and verification success retry costs related to missed OTPs or user error

  • Tamper-proof, SIM-based cryptography bound to the mobile number enables secure authentication


Improved conversion

  • Speed up authentication by verifying end-users in less than 5 seconds

  • Reduce OTP-related support costs and sign-up abandonment

  • Lead with the best user experience, but easily fall back to other included methods to ensure full coverage in key markets and across all devices

  • Deploy across mobile apps, the mobile web, and PC


Prevent account takeovers

  • Use Twilio Lookup SIM Swap alongside Silent Network Auth to identify potential phone number compromise and fraudulent SIM Swap activity

  • Easier and more secure than SMS OTP, which can be vulnerable to hijacking and man-in-the-middle attacks


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