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SIM Swap

Use real-time carrier data to verify mobile channel integrity

SIM swap fraud occurs when a scammer socially engineers a mobile carrier to port a victim’s phone number to a SIM card in their control. The scammer, who is able to receive the victim’s texts and calls, is then able to bypass account recovery flows and receive critical communications intended for your user. Needless to say, these attacks can be traumatic for your user base and harmful to your business.


Lookup SIM Swap leverages one of the largest global networks of accurate, real-time mobile intelligence data allowing you to mitigate against these attacks and protect your users. With SIM Swap, you can:

  • Return the last date and time that the link between a mobile phone number and SIM has changed, helping you uncover potentially suspicious logins, transactions, and other activity.

  • Configurable risk tolerance allows you to set a fixed SIM swap time period and use a globally scalable boolean response. This data can then be ingested into your own risk models or used in your rules engine.

  • Private Beta supports major carriers in key markets in Europe and North America to deliver broad coverage that will continue to expand

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