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Conversational Messaging:

The Next Storefront Experience

Consumers want a new type of storefront, and it’s already on their phones.
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The Conversational Messaging Era

Conversations are the future of business. Consumers now expect to be able to ask questions and make purchases directly through messaging channels without ever having to visit a business’s website or app. Conversational messaging combines the personalized care of in-person experiences with the accessibility of e-commerce‚Ā†—and its ushering in a new type of storefront.

To learn more about this trend, we surveyed nearly 4,000 consumers across 10 countries and compiled all our insights into one actionable report. 


You’ll learn:

  • 3 key messaging opportunities that could change your business for the better

  • Which conversational messaging channels your customers prefer most (by region)

  • How messaging is changing digital ads (and how to leverage them to make your budget go further)

  • 5 predictions and crucial tips to help you keep pace

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