Cook up a high-impact digital engagement center with Twilio Flex

See how Twilio customers whip up brand loyalty and scale with Twilio Flex

Like many family recipes, there are tried-and-true ingredients that will always be important to building good customer experiences. The most important of those being connecting with customers and helping them feel as if your company values and cares for them. But as businesses grow and technology evolves, the ways to create and maintain that connection changes. Digital engagement centers can help your business build that connection and loyalty with customers while maintaining control over your business’s roadmap.


So let’s roll up our sleeves, get out all those measuring cups, preheat the oven, and start cooking up the digital engagement that businesses need! .


Eliminate customer friction to drive more revenue

Many customers would rather do basically anything than speak with customer service. Don’t believe us? Check out these very real statistics. According to OutboundEngine, acquiring customers can be five times more expensive than retaining existing ones.


That’s why investing in digital engagement centers for improved customer experiences is so important. 


A bad customer experience means customers will take their business elsewhere. In fact, Twilio research showed that 62% of respondents have stopped using a company or service specifically because of a bad customer support experience.


On the flip side, 80% of respondents said they are more likely to be loyal to a company in the future if they have a positive experience with their support team***.


And the results of investing in digital engagement speak for themselves. Globally, companies reported their investment in digital customer engagement increased revenue by 70%.



US companies reported their 2021 investment in digital customer engagement increased revenue by 79%. And B2C companies said investment in digital engagement will increase their ability to meet customer needs, serve customers, and increase trust**.


The right investment can deepen your business’s connection with customers significantly, and happy customers who stay loyal mean increased revenue.

Own your own business roadmap

Consumer expectations for how brands engage with them are constantly evolving. In fact, Twilio research shows consumers want half of their interactions with brands to be digital by 2025.** That's why it's critical for brands to examine their customer engagement strategies and develop them to meet customers' needs over time. 


And that's exactly what they're doing. Globally, companies say over half of their customer engagement is currently digital. And they expect their investment in digital customer engagement to almost double by 2025**.


By investing in these solutions, businesses can be nimble and gain greater control over their roadmaps.


Choose agility that legacy solutions lack

While there are countless solutions available for businesses looking to invest in customer engagement platforms, most provide one-size-fits-all solutions. Imagine trying to cook up a masterpiece but only having one measuring cup for all ingredients. You probably won’t get the best dish if you’re using a ½ cup for both flour AND salt. 


Each business is unique, just like their customer base. And both businesses and customers change as they grow. That’s why there’s a need for agile solutions that can adapt to their specific customer needs over time. So, how can businesses accomplish all of this? A secret ingredient: Twilio Flex.


Flex is a digital engagement center that turns customer interactions into customers for life. How? In this cookbook, we’ll share ways Twilio customers are using Flex to truly customize their customer experiences.


So without further ado, here are our recipes for Flex success…


** 2022 State of Customer Engagement Report

*** Survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Twilio Flex

Drive revenue by eliminating friction
Choose powerful experiences as your business grows
Implement an agile solution that caters to customers’ taste buds

Drive revenue by meeting customer needs with zero friction

Whether in the kitchen or just in general life, the likelihood of something going wrong is always there. Salt could be mistaken for sugar, or something could be left in the oven too long. That’s why businesses need customer experience tools that provide zero friction between customers and agents. 


Twilio Flex enables brands to connect with their customers in truly personalized ways, on the channels they prefer. Its agile build and flexible agent UI empower businesses to cook up strategies that create seamless connections and help for customers in need.


While most people would rather do anything than speak with customer service, sometimes it’s simply essential. In those cases, businesses have the opportunity to flip the script on “the dreaded support call” and win trust and loyalty through incredible interactions. Digitizing your customer service solution frees up agents so they can quickly and seamlessly address important voice calls when they come in. 


Remember, 80% of consumers reported loyalty to a company that provided a positive experience with their support team***. That loyalty results in fewer lost customers and increased revenue.


Our first recipe will show you how one international company uses Flex to connect to customers with immediate needs…

of consumers reported loyalty to a company that provided a positive experience with their support team

How Toyota Connected cooks up frictionless customer experience with Twilio Flex


Toyota Connected North America (TCNA) is Toyota’s software services innovation engine, bringing data, machine learning, and AI together to transform the way drivers interact with their vehicles. 


Drivelink, TCNA’s telematics platform, provides drivers with access to emergency and convenience features, including Automatic Crash Notification, stolen vehicle alert, roadside assistance, and Destination Assist.


TCNA’s Drivelink team uses Twilio Flex to power their contact center, empowering agents to provide fast, consistent customer experiences. This, in turn, allowed Toyota Connected to focus its resources on efficiently scaling up to service more than 6 million Toyota and Lexus drivers with an incredibly robust telematics platform.




  • 1 Day proof of concept

  • 0 Minutes downtime during migration



This switch to Twilio Flex has empowered agents in their work, with a 13% reduction in after-call work and 18% decrease in average monthly handle time. It has also created a more seamless experience for TCNA’s customers. For example, if a customer gets disconnected from a call, TCNA can reconnect them with the same agent. TCNA’s agents are also connected with new data through Flex that helps them better meet the needs of customers. 




"Beyond helping our customers in critical situations, we know with Twilio we are future-proofing our technology. That’s the great partnership we have together. Twilio’s flexibility ensures that TCNA can scale and adapt services to meet customer needs, if not anticipate them.”
Steve Basra, CEO and president of TCNA

Choose powerful experiences as your business grows

With more customers coming to the table with their own specific tastes and needs, businesses must have the flexibility to adjust their strategies at any moment to meet customers where they are. That’s why they need solutions that can keep delivering exceptional customer experiences on demand. 


Flex offers businesses the ability to make adjustments to their customer experience strategies as they grow.


Growing as an organization means the need for agile solutions that can do more as your organization takes on more. Whether it is just getting started or is servicing millions across the globe, your organization needs digital engagement solutions that can meet people at the right time, and on the channels they prefer. 


Our next recipe will show you how one nonprofit uses Flex to scale its access to emergency care for at-risk and vulnerable populations…


How Trek Medics scaled its access to emergency providers with Twilio Flex

Trek Medics is a nonprofit that develops pre-hospital and emergency care systems in low- and middle-income regions. Its mission is to reduce preventable death and disability by improving access to emergency care for at-risk and vulnerable populations through mobile phone technologies. In regions with existing infrastructure, organizations can manage calls and messages for emergency personnel, but that’s not the case in the areas that Trek Medics services, such as Malawi and Haiti. 


That’s why the nonprofit searched for a solution that enabled it to build out the infrastructure it needed in a way that fit with the limited conditions in these areas. It also needed a solution that could manage call intakes and scale as Trek Medics expanded into new countries.




  • 2 working days for implementation

Read more about  Trek Medic's use of Flex .


Twilio Flex enabled Trek Medics to scale its life-saving efforts. Since implementing Twilio, the nonprofit has expanded to more than 14 countries, with plans to grow into even more. How?


Twilio Flex was the tool Trek Medics needed to create a one-stop-shop for emergency communications in underserved areas. It also helped shrink the response and arrival times.


According to Trek Medics, the industry standard response time for urban areas is sub-10 minutes. In suburban and rural communities, that increases to sub-30 minutes. But with Twilio Flex, Trek Medics has decreased response times in urban areas to six to seven minutes.



“With Flex, changing the workflow is really accessible to non-engineers. That’s great because you have a limited number of engineers and you want them working on the most pressing, complicated stuff, and setting up a new phone number, for example, should be pretty easy—and with Twilio, it is. ”
Jason Friesen, Founder of Trek Medics

Implement an agile solution that caters to customers’ taste buds

While many of our customers use Twilio Flex as a contact center solution, its agility enables businesses to leverage it for other use cases, too. For example, Vacasa uses Twilio Flex for high-touch, contextual sales.


Whether optimizing for support agents, sales associates, business development teams, etc., the tool’s flexibility allows businesses to create exactly what they need. You could call it the cauliflower of digital engagement center solutions—it’s a vegetable, pizza crust, rice! The possibilities are endless. 


Once businesses discover exactly what they need, Twilio’s team, or a Twilio Partner, can help implement the software for any solution.


Our next recipe will show you all the ingredients you need for…


How Twilio turned to Flex to engage its own prospects

Much like a trendy multi-cultural fusion restaurant, we’re going to go rogue and discuss Twilio’s ability to go beyond customer experience. 


While many look at Twilio Flex primarily as a contact center solution, its abilities go well beyond that.


That’s why the company looked within when it needed a new platform for its Sales Development Representatives (SDRs).



  • Twilio Flex
  • A creative kitchen that can reimagine any dish—or business solution


Twilio leveraged Flex’s agility to build exactly what its SDRs needed.


Flex’s agility enabled inbound and outbound calling for the SDRs and ensured all communication met compliance regulations. The digital engagement center solution also enabled a consolidated user experience and aligned cross-platform reporting.


Twilio continues to evolve, which we know is the case for most businesses, whether it's their sales or support teams. Flex helps with that evolution.



“What we’ve built with Twilio Flex is really cool, and I’m really proud of it because it’s built for us, and it’s built with the scalability and the agility we will need. And I think that’s important when you’re starting to picture what you want overall and thinking three to five years into the future. You can continually design and build that.”
Lisa Wheeler, Twilio Platform Manager

A recipe that withstands the test of time

The recipe for a solid customer experience needs to withstand the test of time. It also needs to adjust as businesses grow and evolve to meet customers’ needs. The perfect customer experience recipe accomplishes the following: 

  • Creates a frictionless, customer-focused environment

  • Allows the company to easily scale

  • Provides agility to adapt as needed


To learn more about how Twilio Flex can help your business achieve all of this, talk to one of our chefs—ahem—experts! 


Bon appétit