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Twilio Flex with Google ChromeOS helps businesses provide superior customer experiences.
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Benefits of deploying Twilio Flex on ChromeOS include:


  • Increased agent productivity

With ChromeOS, you can save up to 3 hours per agent per week in downtime. Flex customers report lowering handle times by up to 38% after giving agents access to information from multiple backend applications.Which conversational messaging channels your customers prefer most (by region)


  • Protection of business and customer data

With built-in and proactive security features like data encryption and Google Safe Browsing, ChromeOS devices deter users from falling hostage to harmful attacks and protect business data. Flex adds further safety by encrypting and storing recordings while also providing the flexibility to store data in a location you control.5 predictions and crucial tips to help you keep pace


  • Stress-free deployment and management for your IT team

Deploy ChromeOS 76% faster than Windows 10 devices and have your cloud contact center in days—not months with Flex. Then continually inspect, adapt, and adjust any part of your contact center to stay ahead of changing conditions (and the competition).​


  • Access to a wide variety of contact center messaging channels and peripherals

Creating and leading agile and disruptive contact centers with ChromeOS and then layered with Flex's ability to support messaging channels like WhatsApp, SMS, or WebChat alongside voice build the ideal agent experience.

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