A cookieless future:

Introducing a new marketing landscape

With the removal of third-party data in 2022, the marketing landscape is about to drastically change. According to Twilio's 2022 State of Customer Engagement Report, only 45 percent of businesses say they're fully prepared for this shift.


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Digital customer engagement drives major ROI for Marketers

Download the Twilio State of Customer Engagement Report 2022 to gain insight from 3,400 leading decision makers and 4,500 consumers.


In this report, you'll learn why:

  • There’s an average 70% revenue increase for companies that adopt digital engagement.
  • 75% of companies think they’re providing good personalized experiences, but more than half of consumers disagree.
  • 81% of companies are completely or substantially reliant on third-party cookies
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Sneak Peek: Customer Engagement Trends in 2022

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Personalization prioritization

Almost two-thirds of consumers say they’ll stop using a brand if their experience is not personalized. 


With customer data platform technology, marketers can finally deliver truly personalized content to their customers.


Customer trust = customer loyalty

71 percent of consumers say they ‘definitely’ want greater data privacy and transparency from brands.


With new consumer expectations around data, marketers must shift from honoring opt-outs to embracing opt-ins to drive lifelong loyalty.


A better blueprint is needed

Companies expect their investment in digital customer engagement to almost double by 2025.


In order to scale and build a connected customer engagement strategy, marketing technology teams need solutions that can be customized as marketing needs evolve.


What are the top trends marketers should be aware of?



70% — that’s the average top-line revenue increase among companies that invested in digital customer engagement over the past two years.



75% of companies think they’re providing good personalized experiences. But more than half of consumers disagree. There’s a lot of room for improvement.



81% of companies are completely or substantially reliant on third-party cookies — even though this critical data source will not be available after 2023.



95% of B2C companies believe consumers trust their ability to protect data, yet only 65% of consumers actually do trust these companies.



Gen Zs and Millennials are more than twice as likely as Baby Boomers to have experienced digital fatigue in the past 30 days. Creating better (not more) interactions can ensure business doesn’t suffer as a result.


Add a personal touch to your communications

The Twilio platform comes pre-integrated with channels like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS, Voice, Email, and more so you can reach your users on the channels they prefer without burning engineering hours.

Make your acquisition campaigns more effective

Advertise your business using phone numbers, short codes, or 1-800 numbers. Measure the performance of your large scale advertisements by tracking interaction data and opt-in rates from your Twilio console.

Grow brand loyalty with data-driven communication

Create nurture campaigns to keep customers happy and deliver on their unique preferences. Send relevant messages on the channels where your customers are most likely to read and respond in order to grow customer loyalty and increase customer retention.


Learn how the marketing landscape is evolving.

Download our State of Customer Engagement Report for in-depth analysis of the future of customer engagement.
  • Gain insights from over 3,400 leading decision makers and 4,500 consumers about digital customer engagement


  • Learn how marketers are improving personalized experiences at scale for customers and prospects alike


  • Understand trends related to the phasing out of third-party cookies and what this means for marketers


  • Explore the regional and generational shifts for Digital Fatigue and how sophisticated marketers can combat the issue by engaging smarter with their customers

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