CX trends, challenges, and opportunities for businesses

How brands can turn customer centricity into a reality 

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CX Trends, Challenges, & Opportunities

When it comes to understanding customer behavior and centricity, who better to talk to than consumers themselves? CCW Digital recently conducted their annual Consumer Preferences Survey and compiled all their insights and actionable tips into this brand-new report. 


What the data indicates is that the stakes for customer experience are high. It turns out, only a small portion of consumers feel their experiences with brands have improved substantially over the past year. They’re underwhelmed by the quality of experiences with agents, the use of digital channels, and the level of personalization they receive throughout their journey. The report dives into these topics and more to give you a clear picture of consumers’ wants and expectations in 2022.


You’ll learn:


  • What drives customers turn to social media to complain

  • What issues they experience most frequently when interacting with brands

  • How they feel about the personalized experiences brands offer today (or lack of)

  • And more


Plus, read tips from Twilio leaders on how to provide better personalization amid digital transformation.