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Send and receive text messages with just a few lines of code on MessagingX, the trusted platform for cross-channel messaging.

Engage customers globally
with reliable SMS messaging

Launching a trusted SMS solution is easy with MessagingX. Twilio gives you developer-friendly APIs, scalability, and built-in software for compliance, routing, and advanced use cases. All to help you get to market faster, and with unmatched deliverability.


Scale from concept to global
solution with flexible SMS APIs

Programmable Messaging API
Send transactional SMS, MMS, and WhatsApp messages with a single API.
  • Reach 180+ countries reliably with localized senders, compliance tools, and global guidelines.
  • Manage compliance, deliverability, replies, and more with Twilio’s programmable software.
  • Monitor and troubleshoot message delivery and engagement with real-time analytics.
Conversations API
Drive two-way engagement over SMS and other preferred channels with a single API.
  • Power commerce and support on SMS, MMS, chat, Facebook Messenger, Google’s Business Messages, and WhatsApp.
  • Manage participants, archive messages, and orchestrate workflows without additional code.
  • Get to market faster with quick-starts, sample apps, and SDKs.

Developers trust Twilio

of developers say Twilio offers superior scalability*
monthly API uptime
of developers say Twilio gets them to market faster*
of developers say Twilio offers superior global reach*
of developers say Twilio helps with a large inventory of numbers & sender types*
*According to a 2022 TechValidate survey of developers using Twilio for messaging.


See how 1-800-Flowers scaled personal, enriching conversations with Twilio SMS APIs has grown from a single Manhattan-based storefront to an international delivery service that continues to grow. They employ several Twilio products to achieve the same delightful, one-on-one conversations they were able to have on their original store floor, at scale, to serve its growing customer base.


SMS made easy
with MessagingX

Send and receive text messages at scale with two developer-friendly APIs in one trusted platform, MessagingX. Pay as you go and enjoy scaling discounts for high-volume and long-term use.