Reliable IoT connectivity for connected health technology

Whether you’re building innovative wearables, mobile diagnostic labs, contact tracing solutions, or remote patient monitoring: Twilio helps your devices get connected and stay connected, for life. 

HLS use cases powered by

Twilio IoT

Twilio’s managed connectivity solutions cover a wide range of applications, including:

  • Patient Monitoring, Wellness, Disease Management 

  • Devices supporting Independent Living

  • Clinical Trials

  • Devices for Contact Tracing 

  • Air Quality Monitoring 

  • Fleet and asset tracking 

  • Mobile staff communications

Hear it from our HLS customers

During 2021, we hosted a series of webinars around the notion of Emerging Stronger from COVID-19 by leveraging IoT. Hear from four of our HLS customers how they have emerged as a stronger business by innovating with Twilio IoT:


Our IoT Platforms

Super SIM for global

cellular connectivity

Super SIM for global

cellular connectivity

Twilio Super SIM bundles the big 3 US carriers, as well as ~400 other top tier carriers from around the world on a single IoT SIM, supporting both high-bandwidth (for voice or video) and low-bandwidth IoT (sensors, monitoring) at scale. Super SIM offers fast procurement & shipping, accessible technical support, and comprehensive management capabilities through a single API & a single Web console view of your entire SIM fleet.

  • Single global SIM for ~400 networks on one management platform

  • Automatic failover for highest reliability

  • Per-SIM, per-network pricing with no breakages or overages

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Microvisor for managed connectivity and security

Twilio Microvisor offers embedded engineers a lightweight, unopinionated software stack to gain managed connectivity and security for the life of your device. 

  • Secure OTA firmware updates

  • Remote debugging capabilities

  • Device security updates managed by Twilio

Start your free trial

We offer a free Super SIM, and access to our IoT experts to explore cellular and managed connectivity for your connected devices.

  • Start with one complimentary Super SIM + data

  • Access the Twilio Console and select your networks for total network control over your IoT devices

  • Automate your operations through APIs

  • Test your devices anywhere in the world with Twilio IoT's global coverage

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