Introducing Twilio Frontline

Channels like SMS, WhatsApp, voice and chat are must-haves when it comes to bankers communicating with clients. But, with the SEC imposing $1.8B in fines for “failures to maintain and preserve communications,” the use of personal phone numbers and unmonitored messaging channels is no longer an option.

Twilio Frontline is built for Financial Services, bringing together the best of personalized communications with business-level visibility. Bankers have access to their preferred channels – via a mobile and web app that feels like your favorite consumer messaging app – and banks can store and monitor every interaction to ensure their organization is maintaining compliance. 


With Frontline, you don’t have to make the tradeoff between ease-of-use and compliance. You can implement a solution your employees actually want to use while having the right controls in place to meet regulatory standards.

A messaging app built for banking

Twilio Frontline is a mobile and web application with a pre-built user interface that can integrate with any CRM to pull in customer details and push conversations back to your system of record.

The application combines usability with reliability, built on a platform trusted by over 10-million developers and 268,000 customers.

Optimize existing systems,
drive adoption

Create a two-way integration with your existing CRM, and give employees an application that is intuitive and reliable.

Maintain visibility,
mitigate regulatory risks

Create a two-way integration with your existing CRM, and give employees an application that is intuitive and reliable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What channels does Frontline support?

Twilio Frontline is built on the Conversations API and supports SMS, MMS, voice, WhatsApp, and chat.

Which CRMs integrate with Frontline?

Twilio Frontline can integrate with any CRM, like Salesforce or Hubspot, or customer database to surface contacts and details within the app.

Is Frontline available in app stores?

Yes, Twilio Frontline is available in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. It requires SSO and customer database (like a CRM) integrations before being fully functional.

Is there a web interface for Frontline?

Yes. Twilio Frontline is both a programmable mobile app and a web interface. This allows employees to maintain seamless conversations on their phone or desktop.

Does Frontline store messages?

Yes. Twilio Frontline is built on the Conversations API, which archives every conversation for visibility at the business level.

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