IoT SIM Cards for Smart EV Chargers

Cellular connectivity and embedded communications stack for EVSE charging stations
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Get reliable cellular coverage for your chargers – with Super SIM

  • Maximum global uptime with a single OCPP-compliant IoT SIM

  • Access ~400 cellular networks around the world

  • Automated failover, zero intervention needed

  • Manage SIMs with APIs and single-view web console 

  • Get realtime visibility into network status

  • Single monthly bill, pay only for what you use

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Get managed connectivity and security for life – with Microvisor

  • Embedded communications stack managed by Twilio – cellular, Wi-Fi, BLE

  • Never brick your devices when you perform firmware updates over the air 24/7/365

  • Remotely debug a deployed device for field troubleshooting – an industry-first

  • Unopinionated: any language, any OS, any cloud, any CI/CD, any toolchain

  • Get security patches from Twilio for the life of your OCPP-compliant charging stations

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Enable smart charging and revenue building features with Twilio:

  • Remote monitoring: Remotely monitor the state of the chargers, ensure chargers are dispensing electricity as designed, identify abnormal trends in sensor readings, and detect tampering. 

  • Meet regulations: Via support for charger communications protocols (OCPP) and smart grid standards (OpenADR) 

  • Firmware updates: Over an expected life of 10 years for a charger, regular “truck rolls'' for maintenance can blow up operational budgets. Using Twilio, device software updates can be delivered over-the-air and Twilio will automatically push security patches and guarantee connectivity.

  • Payments: Using connectivity at the charger, charge point operators (CPOs) connect chargers to user accounts and transact payment processing via credit card. 

  • Availability and pricing status: Users of mobile applications can view real-time charger availability and pricing information.

  • Content delivery: Advertising creatives and promotions can be delivered to screens to be presented to customers.


Twilio Super SIM
  • Stop managing carriers – Access hundreds of 2G, 3G, LTE, and Cat M networks from top tier carriers globally – all via one multi-IMSI SIM
  • Get reliable service – Select and control which carriers each of your devices connect to, with automatic failover if needed
  • Reduce connectivity TCO – Manage your entire SIM fleet centrally with APIs & console, and benefit from constant SIM and network improvements
  • New revenue streams – Offer premium troubleshooting capabilities through our SIM Connection Event Stream
Twilio Microvisor
  • Faster time to market – Focus on your value-added application, not common infrastructure you have to maintain

  • Lower TCO – Reduce required staff & infrastructure maintenance cost, avoid product recalls and truck rolls

  • Lower business risk – Rely on Twilio's decade of experience running an IoT cloud to keep your devices connected and the entire IoT stack secure

  • Higher success rate – Know that the infrastructure for lifelong access to your deployed devices is there, so you can focus on building the most competitive IoT solution in your market


Twilio EV Charging Solutions Serve:

Charge Point Operators
  • Remotely monitor charging infrastructure

  • Support charging operations and revenue features

  • Connect hardware status to customer apps

EV Charging Manufacturers
  • Embed a managed communications layer which supports cellular, Wi-Fi, BLE 

  • Debug software remotely and securely update 

  • Ensure secure factory provisioning

EV Charging Software Providers
  • Resell IoT SIMs into your customer base

  • Build new revenue streams 

  • Integrate SIM and device management 

  • Prevent truck rolls via maximum reliability and accessibility


Deliver a superior overall customer experience with Twilio

Beyond just charger connectivity – Twilio provides one platform for compliant, centralized Customer Data, omni-channel Customer Engagement, and reliable Hardware Connectivity

  • Deploy your contact center and helpdesk on the leading cloud contact center platform

  • Communicate with your customers over SMS, messaging, chat, email, and video

  • Collect customer data from all channels securely and compliantly

  • Connect your chargers securely and reliably to global cellular networks

  • Tie charger and customer data together for a superior customer experience and to drive new revenue streams

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Partnering with Twilio lets you:

  • Connect your hardware, marketing, and customer service efforts through software and APIs, to create a superior connected customer experience and drive revenue

  • Benefit from product bundle discounts, enterprise-level pricing, and other financial benefits

  • Consolidate vendors to expedite go-to-market and streamline your operations