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Twilio Flex for SDRs

Engage with prospects on WhatsApp, SMS, voice, Facebook Messenger, web chat and more directly through Salesforce with Twilio Flex digital engagement center. 

Engage your prospects

on their favorite channel

Twilio Flex gives AEs and SDRs the ability to engage prospects over today's most popular channels, and future channels to-come. It helps drive faster and higher lead conversion, improves customer experience, reduces tool fatigue and lowers attrition. 


Flex for SDRs

Twilio turned to Flex when we

needed a customizable SDR

communication tool

If you missed our webinar, watch the replay to learn how implementing Flex improved our SDR outreach and customer experience, and decreased tool fatigue and agent attrition.




Flex for SDRs provides

  • Omnichannel engagement across voice, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, web chat and more integrated directly in Salesforce
  • Realtime call center reporting and monitoring 
  • International call routing to nearest reps for lag reduction
  • Flexibility to build, customize and evolve the tool as needed/no requirement to lock in features and services upfront
  • Increased rep productivity, better customer experience, decreased tool fatigue and SDR attrition

Introducing Flex

Get started

Watch the webinar, "Using Twilio Flex for our own Customer Engagement" 

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