Twilio for Retail:

Top 10 Use Cases

Improve customer acquisition cost and lifetime value

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There’s no question about it – the bar for seamless digital and in-store shopping experiences is higher than ever before. The pandemic completely transformed the way consumers shop, and years later, retail brands are still seeking the right technology to meet their needs.


From chatbots to SMS to messaging apps like WhatsApp, there’s no shortage of ways a customer can now interact with a brand. So where should retailers invest to keep up? In this new ebook, we’ll walk you through 10 technology opportunities that will take your shopping experience to the next level.


Through real customer stories, you’ll learn how to use Twilio’s technology to:

  • Decrease customer acquisition costs 

  • Increase conversions with targeted marketing 

  • Expand offerings to address new market needs

  • Effectively personalize and modernize your contact center

  • Protect user privacy and reduce friction for new users